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Raffle raises £50 for Pyjama Fairies Charity

Huge thank you to everyone who purchased a ticket, it really does mean the world to me. The People’s Fundraising group have randomly chosen a winner from the raffle. The lucky winner has been notified. Thanks again for everyone who purchased a ticket and supported this wonderful charity. @pajamafairies. Huge thanks to @island_batik for running this months challenge.

We raised an amazing £50…

“The average cost of materials for a pair of wrap pyjamas is £10.00. Donations from individuals and businesses have helped defray some of the costs but we have found we cannot continue to meet the needs of the children without additional funding.

By supporting Pyjama Fairies, you can help these children and their families find comfort as they undergo short or long hospital stays and difficult treatments. Your donation, no matter how big or small, helps us fulfill our mission of helping kids feel settled in unsettling situations.

Every pound counts

  1. £4 pays postage for garments to be sent to a child

  2. £10 buys supplies for a set of pyjamas

  3. £20 buys supplies for a set of pyjamas and gown

  4. £50 buys a roll of fabric”

My Blackberry Vine Quilt is off to be gift wrapped and posted out to its new home.

The pattern for my quilt is available to purchase from my ‘Patterns’page

Thanks again to everyone who supported this raffle.

Do what makes your heart smile

Michelle x

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