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Home Sweet Home cushion 😍

With spring upon us, this beautiful cushion is perfect for some garden furniture or simply to bring the spring into your living room.


  1. Sewing machine

  2. Cushion measuring 20″ x 12″

  3. Needle, pins and thread

  4. Rotary cutter or scissors and cutting mat

  5. Denim cotton from

  6. Tilda cotton fabric from

  7. Grey cotton fabric from


22″ x 14″ grey fabric

20 rectangles made from fabrics of your choice,  each measuring 4.5″ x. 3.5″

3.5″ x 2″ (3 of these in grey)

4″ x 8″ piece of aida


Sewing in horizontal rows, then sew the rows together, trim to square any pieces up during this process and press seams in different directions, so as not to create too much bulk on underside

For the ‘home sweet home’ cross stitch, see my previous post on how to get this neat and accurate.

Use fabric glue around the edges to stop the aida from fraying and use a zig zag stitch to secure this to the grey fabric

Next position the grey fabric on the cushion cover and baste to hold in place, then using a marker, draw the lines to make the words look like they are hanging, use a hand chain stitch in a darkish thread to sew this in place.

With right sides together sew the two pieces of main fabrics together, leaving an 8″ gap for putting the cushion in, press and turn the right way out.

Put your cushion inside the case. Don’t forget to add any labels at this point, before sewing up the hole using a hand ladder stitch

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Happy crafting 🙂

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