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Caring for your quilts…

Did you know…

Quilts like to breath, well the fabric does!  so always wrap your quilts in acid free tissue paper before storing, or between cotton sheets.  NEVER in a airtight plastic bag, or box.  Or in a loft, attic or basement. Humidity is a killer for quilts, causing mould and mildew.


Most Quilts made today can be washed in the washing machine on a cold gentle cycle. Most Quilts can be machine dried on a low heat until most of the moisture has been removed (NEVER hang quilts up to dry as the weight from the water will put stress on the fabric and stitches) then they are best dried between two cotton sheet on the ground, on a warm breezy day, out of direct sunlight.


Quilts that have been stored like to be refolded every 90 days to avoid permanent fold marks. Every 6 months hang your quilts out on breezy warm day to air them, avoid direct sunlight.


Quilts which have been hung inside on display, can be lightly hoovered, with a cotton cloth over the end of the hoover nozzle to avoid any stress to the Stitches and fabric.


A clean quilt is a healthy quilt 😍


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Happy crafting 🙂

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