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By the Pond….

The top quilt is finished, I’m so excited to show you all. This is first quilt I have designed on the EQ8 software, so I’m even more excited about whats going to be next 🙂


I jumped at the chance to take some photos outside, as the sun is shining, just a shame i don’t have a pond in my garden 😉


I was so lucky to find so many purple and blue flowers that have just burst opened in the last couple of days, yet the photos were still tricky to take, as there is over a years worth of weeds – *sigh*  (note to self – must get in the garden, this bank holiday)

These beautiful fabrics are available from Craft Cotton, which you can pick up from Hobby Craft


Thanks for reading, would love to know your thoughts, happy sewing

x creativeblonde x

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