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Box 2 Island Batik Ambassador

I’m so excited to share with you the goodies I received in Box 2, as part of the 2019 Island Batik Ambassador program. We receive 2 boxes a year, you can watch my first ever video at the link below…

There were a few collections from Island Batik I had fallen in love with, and was really excited to find out if they were in my box – (the boxes are kept a secret until we receive them)


This video doesn’t exist

My head is buzzing with ideas for these beautiful fabrics, threads and batting. The Accuquilt die is just out-of-this-world – so excited to play.

My son wrote the song and music for the video  -I’m one proud mummy!

Thanks for reading and sharing this journey with me

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‘Do what makes your heart smile’

Happy Sewing


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