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This year I’ve found a very exciting and slightly different challenge … Its being hosted by @mmmquilts on Instagram.

Check out Sandra blog for details, and a very interesting and exciting brief history of what came of last years challange…

I’ve been playing around on my phone for the first 5 designs, using an App called ‘Quiltcat’ its a very simple program, using simple colours and shapes, but its a great way to see what can happen with just a few blocks, as it places your block into a full quilt – so exciting!


I love the colours ,the effects that the lighter shades give along with depth to this pattern, if i had to give it a name, i think it would be ‘berry crush’…


Design 2, i decided to keep simple. I love the idea (given to me by Sandra herself @mmmquilts) that having lots of open spaces, allows for lots of free motion quilting ideas, im going to call this quilt ‘freedom’


Design 3 is my favourite so far, i love the simplicity of it again, its so exciting how turning a block round, can give you such different end results, this one is named ‘In the fast lane’


Design 4 inspiration came from my garden, a garden desperate to see the sun, so it can grow and become beautiful again, this quilt is named ‘Let me grow’


Design 5 is a little crazy, i think its a representation of my crazy head after 10 hours of hand sewing my cathedral window cushion yesterday – post coming soon, photos on my IG page @creativeblonde66 . I’m going to name this one ‘bright but crazy’

That’s the first 5 of 30 quilts, designed.

Join in the fun too, you have until April 17 to create 30 designs. I’m looking forward to getting the good old fashioned pen/pencil to paper for the next 5 designs.

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happy sewing

x creativeblonde x

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